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M Clinic is a unique integrative health center in which patients and practitioners are engaged as a collaborative team in order to uncover the root cause of the patient’s disease and achieve exceptional, lasting health outcomes

Are we born with a pharmaceutical deficiency?

America’s declining health is anchored in the loss of self-identity as well as nutrient deprivation and a compromised microbiome (gut health). The biggest stress that your body faces today is the breakdown of your self-identity, due to modern society’s lifestyle patterns along with the food you eat and the nutrients it lacks. The American public has been duped and drugged by the food, pharmaceutical, and weight loss industries. The solution is not less food and more drugs. The solution is in your lifestyle. Let us help you heal once and for all.

Have you tried everything?

The M Clinic was founded with the goal of creating a new integrative medicine model in which physicians and patients can escape the vicious cycle of medication dependency for chronic symptom and disease management.

Our goal is to get to the root cause of the systemic stress, nutrient deficiency and hormonal chaos that underlie illness and disease, and fuels the American epidemics of fatigue, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and autoimmune disease.

Biology BaseCamp is part one of Dr Zach’s Intrinsic Health Series and is followed by Beyond Biology. It is an eight-week program that includes four two-hour webinars every other week and eight one-on-one weekly sessions with Dr Zach’s Intrinsic Health Coaches. You will get the opportunity to experience Dr Zach as he delivers the same content that each of his patients has experienced in clinic. Your weekly coaching sessions will help you build on your interactions with Dr Zach and help you tune into your intrinsic capacity to heal.