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Our unique technology is able to deliver pure molecular water in a true gaseous state as a support for respiratory and mitochondrial health. We believe that the ability to generate molecular water in a gas form is next generation beyond oxygen therapies.

The steam coming out of a tea kettle is water vapor but not water gas, because the water molecules as they evaporate are still in large clusters.  Water gas, postulated to be only two molecules in weak attraction to each other, has very different electrical and physical properties than water vapor.

In a dramatic experiment often repeated, true water gas gives off tremendous energy, enough to melt ceramics, as it “burns” back into liquid water.

Breathing the gas is soothing and relaxing. Hydration respiration therapy may support healthy regulation of the oxidative environment in the lungs.  It may be delivering both oxygen and hydrogen to the cell in the cleanest and simplest way possible.  A session of 40 minutes may support immune function, as well as refresh the ecosystem of all the respiratory organs, including the sinus cavities. Most people appreciate that this approach does not dry out the tissues like oxygen.

While oxygen therapies do have their place and benefits, there is the potential to create too much oxidation in the system.  Molecular water gas balances delivery of oxygen with hydrogen in a form that the body, the cells, and especially the mitochondria, can use.  The energy stored in water gas is given in exact proportions to the mitochondria for ATP and energy production.

The new science of hydration respiration is still in its infancy, but many have benefited, and there is no risk to breathing water in this rare yet naturally occurring form.

William Vitalis, GDV Practitioner

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