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Intrinsic Health Series Biology BaseCamp

Biology BaseCamp is an eight-week immersion experience that delivers essential foundations for health through the following master classes and weekly one-on-one Intrinsic Health Coaching:

● The New Frontier of Gut Health
● Movement, Breathing, and Our Connection to Earth
● Grazing and Fasting Cycles: The Power of Not Eating
● Water: Creating Flow for Body and Soul

Program cost: $1495

What’s included:

● 4 two-hour online trainings with Dr Zach
● 4 (quarterly) live Q & A sessions with Dr Zach
● 8 one-on-one Intrinsic Health Coaching Sessions
● In-depth FAQs by Dr Zach
● Weekly Support Materials
● Community support via closed Facebook group access
RESTORE supplement bundle including one 32oz bottle (two-month supply) and a convenience pump, one 3oz travel bottle, and one RESTORE Sinus Spray

Each training consists of a 2-hour talk by Dr Zach, every other Monday at 8 pm ET. You will get the experience of ‘sitting’ one-on-one as he delivers content that each of his patients has received in clinic. If you miss a training, you will have access to watch at your convenience, as content will remain available for one year.

Course Overview:

WebEd 1: The New Frontier of Gut Health

In a world of conflicting dietary information, Dr Zach shares simplified and proven pillars of nutrition. Cutting edge concepts are introduced surrounding the microbiome, creating bioavailable nutrients, and choosing foods and preparation techniques to support a diverse microbiome and strong self-identity at the cell level.

A few of the many key points you’ll discover:

● A new definition of Gut/Brain health, and past and present factors that increase gut and vascular barrier leak
● Foods and beverages that have the most positive effect on the physiology of the digestive system and microbiome diversity
● Solutions to improve nutrient delivery to the cells while keeping toxins out

Support materials and videos included:

● Nutrition overview and plant-based recipe guide
● “Snack Pack” protocol and recipes
● Dr Zach’s favorite juice recipes
● The science behind RESTORE and what it can do for you

WebEd 2: Movement, Breathing, and Our Connection to the Earth

Many health seekers become overly focused on following the “perfect” diet, exercise routine, and supplement regime, but are missing out on the free healing resources under their feet (and nose).

A few of the many key points you’ll discover:

● The importance of grounding and silence to eliminate stress and support cellular healing
● Breathing exercises to access the profound restorative capacity of the parasympathetic nervous system
● The 4-minute workout that can radically increase muscle build, and improve circulation and oxygen delivery for faster healing and better brain function
Support materials and videos included:
● The 4-minute workout protocol with modifications to account for injury
● Super ventilation breathing exercise and meditation
● Egoscue therapy primer
● Qigong movement primer
● Nordic walking overview

WebEd 3: Grazing and Fasting Cycles: The Power of Not Eating

Fasting has been used since the beginning of time to accelerate the healing of disease. Most allopathic practitioners do not incorporate this powerful tool, and are often confused on the benefits and risks of fasting. You will discover how to safely and effectively integrate fasting for optimal health.

A few of the many key points you’ll discover:

● How metabolism works and why it breaks down
● What happens at the cellular level during intermittent, short-term, and long-term fasts
● Tips for shifting damaging lifestyle patterns and beliefs to skyrocket health outcomes
Support materials and videos included:
● Nutrient-rich grazing and supplementation
● Intermittent Fasting patterns and supplementation
● 5-Day fast protocol and supplementation

WebEd 4: Water: Creating Flow for the Body and Soul

Without connection to the nature humans have been born into, we lose sight of who we are and why we are here. Here you will discover the function of the quantum physics of the water molecule as the connection between the atomic physics of your body, and the biology that you have learned. With proper hydration, and surrendering previous belief systems, we can reconnect to our regenerative nature to discover whole-body healing and clarity of self-identity.

A few of the many key points you’ll discover:

● The role of dehydration in the aging process
● How to recognize chronic dehydration and the most powerful forces to restore intracellular water
● How drinking water can actually dehydrate you and accelerate cellular aging
Support materials and videos included:
● Pre-hydration preparation guide
● Hydration protocol
● Meditation resources
● Grounding and water filtration resource

The Summit: Live Q & A with Dr Zach

You’ve reached the summit! After completing BaseCamp, you’re invited to join fellow program participants for a two hour in-depth Q & A session. Dr Zach will take questions live and respond to pre-submitted inquiries. The recording will be available for those who are unable to attend. BaseCamp participants can attend four summits, offered quarterly, during the year of content access.

Intrinsic Health Coaching

Intrinsic Health Coaching sessions are among the most effective components of Dr Zach’s paradigm-shifting approach to health. The practitioners at M Clinic have learned through thousands of patient journeys that healing comes from within the individual, rather than from an external educator, physician, product, or technology. With this understanding, our world-class team created the Intrinsic Health Coaching Program, a coaching series that works to sharpen intuition and self-awareness to empower your path to health and transformation that will continue far beyond the eight-week experience.

Each BaseCamp participant receives eight one-on-one personalized Intrinsic Health Coaching sessions. All sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length and conducted over the phone. Our coaches help deepen your understanding of Dr Zach’s unique wellness model and apply it to your life.

Accelerate Results with RESTORE

To accelerate and enhance program results, BaseCamp includes a two-month supply of RESTORE, a soil-derived, scientifically-backed mineral supplement that has been shown in lab studies to strengthen tight junctions in the gut wall, the firewall against toxins entering the body. RESTORE helps to create an optimal biological environment for a healthy gut microbiome, thereby strengthening the gut-brain communication network and promoting both immune and brain function as well as overall wellness. RESTORE is our daily “insurance policy” that delivers building blocks of health and rebuilds the front line of defense to nourish our bodies. Along with implementing the many unique tools you’ll learn in BaseCamp, RESTORE can help take your health and life to a new level.

Bonus: As a BaseCamp special offer, one convenience bottle pump, one 3oz travel size bottle, and one RESTORE sinus spray are included in the package to cover all the bases.

Learn more about RESTORE by clicking HERE.