SHIFT (Scalar Holographic Intrinsic Field Tuning)

Scalar:  Scalar waves are resonant standing waves with non-local effects. They can store and transmit information.  Scalar energy is a function of space; it is not electromagnetic but interacts with everything in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Holographic:The pattern for the whole is written (graphos) in every part. Fractal mathematics demonstrates this principle, as does laser holography.

Intrinsic:The field tunes itself; life naturally moves in the direction of order and coherence. Your body wants to heal, and your mind wants to be in a calm and creative state.

Field:  The human energy field consists of interpenetrating layers of information: electromagnetic energy, quantum fields, and potential energy in space. Biochemistry is determined by electromagnetic patterns which are in turn formed by fluctuations in vacuum space. The causative aspects of the human energy field extend beyond what can be registered with electromagnetic instrumentation, we can only measure the effects.

Tuning:The human energy field will tune itself when given the opportunity. Coherence is intrinsic and inherent in living systems.

A SHIFT session is like a piano tuning for the human bio-field. We use acupuncture energy points, but a disk of encoded patterns is used instead of needles. The biofield tunes itself when resonating with these patterns, which in turn help every cell in the body to access the original template of health.  A healthy cell has unimpeded access to information. SHIFT technology sets up an opportunity for that information to be available, not just during the session, but for months afterwards, as demonstrated in GDV imaging of the human energy field. The SHIFT technology is passive, non-invasive, and self-regulating. A SHIFT session is a relaxing opportunity to reset your energy field.

Take Home Tools and Techniques to promote balance and health, also explained and explored during the session, especially body-mind practices such as meditation, Pranayama (breath-awareness practices), and Qigong, the ancient science of movements which support your body’s power to make its own medicine. As well, other energetic healing techniques, such as the BodyTalkSystem are sometimes layered into the SHIFT session to optimize effects.

 William Vitalis, SHIFT Practitioner

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