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Experience The SHIFT: The Body Talk System

BodyTalk activates the Big Medicine within you.  Synchronize, communicate, and balance through this profound consciousness-based modality.

BodyTalk is founded on three principles:

  1. Beliefs profoundly influence biology and are the foundation for illness or health.
  2. A living systems’s core tendency is toward coherence and healing: once the factors contributing to imbalances have been identified, healing proceeds unimpeded.
  3. Casting a wide net of those potential factors is the key to forming an accurate picture of the problem. Once the picture is clear, only a small amount of energy will initiate the intrinsic healing process.

The mind is constantly influencing biological expression, not only through molecules of emotion such as neurotransmitters and hormones, but also through belief structures which can create switches on the DNA code.  These switches often promote expression of biology along learned patterns of response to sensory information which is filtered and biased to confirm existing beliefs.   Everyone is thus coding “the biology of belief”, and the body is the sum total of those beliefs carried forward in time.

Beliefs that hold biology in a pattern of stress or reactivity have a strong influence on the rate of  healing and the effectiveness of other protocols.  Beliefs are often the set of underlying influences that created a vulnerability to imbalance in the first place. One study showed that beliefs about stress being harmful can more powerfully predict longevity or mortality than the stress itself.  If limiting beliefs are not addressed, then the journey to health can be like driving with the parking brakes on.

The good news is that not only is biology wired to repair itself, but consciousness itself is in a state of constant movement toward coherence, order, and harmony, and clear perception.  This inherent movement is so powerful that once the “problem” is identified, only a tiny amount of energy, in BodyTalk known as “tapping out”,  a simple light tapping over the heart and head,  is enough to redirect the pattern in question toward balance and health.  Intrinsic health is built into our biology and our consciousness; by bringing the probability waves into awareness, the coherent pattern easily emerges as the highest option, and there is an impulse, an energetic shift, toward the natural state.  The greater the clarity on the details of the imbalance, the more powerful the tapping out and consequent SHIFT.

BodyTalk has the advantage of being able to address threads of connection between multiple aspects of a person’s life as they relate to symptoms of stress in the body and mind.  Casting a wide net of related influences and relationships, including environmental factors, personal relationships, lifetime periods or events, emotions held within organ systems, even the community dynamics of the microbiome, can yield unexpected factors playing into conditions such as autoimmunity, muscular skeletal issues, allergies, or chronic disease.

The key to health is to re establish a flow of communication between every element of life, a flow that is no longer hindered by self imposed limiting beliefs.

BodyTalk creates space for the next level of intrinsic order and coherence to express.  It is not counseling, analysis, or therapy.  It is not a treatment in the traditional sense, as there is no diagnosis.  It is enough to identify the priority for balancing and allow the innate healing power to guide a necessary and effortless drop into coherence.  It is a journey of self discovery, and a powerful tool to set oneself free from beliefs that no longer apply.

Experience The SHIFT: Scalar Holographic Intrinsic Field Tuning

Scalar:  Scalar waves are resonant standing waves with non local effects.   They can store and transmit information.  Scalar energy is a function of space; it is not electromagnetic but interacts with everything in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Holographic:  The pattern for the whole is written (graphos) in every part.  Fractal mathematics demonstrates this principle, as does laser holography.

Intrinsic:  The field tunes itself; life naturally moves in the direction of order and coherence. Your body wants to heal, and your mind wants to be in a calm and creative state.

Field:  The human energy field consists of interpenetrating layers of information: electromagnetic energy, quantum fields , and potential energy in space.  Biochemistry is determined by electromagnetic patterns which are in turn formed by fluctuations in vacuum space. The causative aspects of the human energy field extend beyond what can be registered with electromagnetic instrumentation, we can only measure the effects.

Tuning:  The human energy field will tune itself when given the opportunity.  Coherence is intrinsic and inherent in living systems.

A SHIFT session is like a piano tuning for the human bio-field. We use acupuncture energy points, but a disk of encoded patterns is used instead of needles.  The biofield tunes itself when resonating with these patterns, which in turn help every cell in the body to access the original template of health.  A healthy cell has unimpeded access to information.  SHIFT technology sets up an opportunity for that information to be available, not just during the session, but for months afterwards, as demonstrated in GDV imaging of the human energy field.   The SHIFT technology is passive, non-invasive, and self-regulating.  A SHIFT session is a relaxing opportunity to reset your energy field.

Take Home Tools and Techniques to promote balance and health, also explained and explored during the session, especially body-mind practices such as meditation, Pranayama (breath-awareness practices), and Qigong, the ancient science of movements which support your body’s power to make its own medicine. As well, other energetic healing techniques, such as the BodyTalk System are sometimes layered into the SHIFT session to optimize effects.

Electrophotonic imaging with the GDV camera is one of the emerging technologies in the area of biofield research. Based on the Kirlian effect, a digital image is taken of photon emission patterns around each fingertip. Software then analyzes the sectors of each finger as they relate to reflex zones in organs and structures in the body. Nearly 1000 papers have been published (mostly in Russian) on GDV research and a few hundred more in the West. A recent review of GDV research applied to medicine and psychology can be found in the book Electrophotonic Applications in Medicine: GDV Bioelectrography

William Vitalis is a certified Body Talk practitioner, a graduate of Bei Du Academy’s 5 year Qigong Training as well a 200 hour qigong teacher training with the IIQTC.  From 1985 to 1995 he studied Kriya Yoga and meditation intensively while in residence with Bob Raymer, one of the last living disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.  He is the Director of Esoteric Sciences for Seraphic Group.  He has taken advanced training in the GDV camera with Dr. Korotkov and senior student Elenya Yanaskhova, focusing on clinical interpretation of GDV images, and has worked in clinic with Dr. Zach Bush since 2012, assisting in the development of the M Clinic”s unique model of intrinsic health.

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 William Vitalis, SHIFT Practitioner

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